About Public Works

The Shrewsbury Public Works Department is responsible the water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, roads, Borough properties and facilities.  The Public Works Department has five full time employees. Part-time summer employees help with maintenance throughout the Summer season.

The water system consists of nine wells and four storage tanks.  The water system produces over 300,000 gallons of water per day with over 1.3 million gallons of water storage.  The water system serves Shrewsbury Borough and portions of Shrewsbury Township with over 1800 connections. Shrewsbury Borough has a Wellhead Protection Committee that has won awards for “Groundwater System of the Year” in Pennsylvania and for excellent planning from the York County Planning Commission.

The Wastewater System has four pump stations and over 20 miles of collection pipe that is transported to the New Freedom Wastewater Treatment Plant in Railroad Borough.  The sewer system collects sewage from Shrewsbury Borough, Railroad Borough, and portions of Shrewsbury and Hopewell Townships. The Wastewater System monitors grease discharge and collects grease manifests to protect the sewer system from illegal discharges.   The Public Works Department flushes and televises all sewer mains every five years. The sewer main television reports help the Public Works Department organize maintenance activities and pipe replacement projects.

The Borough road system has approximately 20 miles of roads that the Borough maintains with snow removal, drainage, and paving.  The Roads Committee inspects the roads every Spring and ranks Borough roads on 5-point scale. The ratings help the Public Works Department develop maintenance projects and formulate paving projects.     

Public Works Services