Expand the lists below to find more information about the members of our borough’s various committees and commissions.

Shrewsbury Borough Planning Commission
Stephen Mayoryk, Chairman
Terrance Blomquist
Ginger Sloan
Scott LaCoss, Jr.
Adam Green
Shrewsbury Borough Zoning Hearing Board
Thomas L. Milstead, Jr.
John S. Morrell
John T. Speights
Nelson Alpaugh, alternate
Vacant, alternate
Shrewsbury Borough Municipal Authority
Ted Nadobny, Chair
Dennis Wertz, Vice Chair
Terrance Blomquist
Andrew Campbell
John E. Hoover
Water and Sewer
Ted Nadobny, Chair
Michael G. Sharkey
Fred W. Arbogast
Public Roads and Lighting
Michael G. Sharkey, Chair
Mike Weaver
Mark Beran
Public Safety, Welfare, and Personnel
Fred W. Arbogast Chair
Mike Weaver
Ken Thomas
Public Lands, Building, and Finance
Fred Arbogast, Chair
Ken Thomas
Mark Beran
Subdivisions, Land Development, and Zoning
Vacant , Chair
Stephen Mayoryk
Mark Beran
Retirement Committee: Trustees Pension
Fred Arbogast, Chair
Mike Weaver
Chief Administrator of Pension Plan
Fred Arbogast
York Adams Tax Bureau
Michael G. Sharkey
Fred Arbogast, alternate
Emergency Management Representatives
, Representative
Mike Sharkey, Alternate
Vacancy Board
John LaMartina – Registered Elector
Emergency Management Director/Coordinator
Stanton Walters, Coordinator
Jeff Joy, Deputy Coordinator
Doug Claborn, Assistant Coordinator
Southern Police Commission
Michael Sharkey, Mayor
Brian Sweitzer, Council Representative
Buck Buchanan Alt. Citizen Representative
Civil Service - Police
Michael Sharkey, Mayor
Nate Kirschman
Police Pension Committee
Mayor Michael Sharkey
SYC Regional Planning Commission

Stephen Mayoryk – alternate

Taxpayers Bill of Rights
Mark Beran
Open Records Officer
Cindy L. Bosley
Traffic and Access Control Officer