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We provide the ordinances in both text (word processor) and in Adobe Acrobat format to serve all of our citizens' needs.

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Yard Sales

A permit is required before a resident may hold a garage or yard sale. There is a $2 fee for the permit. Two sales per year may be held from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on no more than two consecutive days. Permits may be obtained weekdays at the
Borough Office

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House Numbers

All borough residents are required to display numerals or letters designating the official address of the property. They must be at least 3" high and visible from the street for emergepuzzled figure page decorationncy and utility personnel.
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nimal Control

It is unlawful to allow dogs, cats and other pets to run at large. Animals found running at large will be picked up and the owners charged by the animal control officer. We use Kim Erdman, as our animal control officer (717-309-9430).

We take found dogs and cats to the

3159 Susquehanna Trail North, 
York, PA  17406 
(717) 764-6109
Weed Control

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It is unlawful for property owners to permit grass, weeds or similar vegetation to grow taller than 6". It is asked that you not blow grass clippings out into the street as the clippings wash down the street and clog storm drains.
Outside Water


The water meter remote on the outside of your home must be made accessible to the meter readers. Bushes, shrubs, etc. must be trimmed so as to allow the meter reader easy access to read your remote.
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fireplug icon page decorationWater Main


Water mains are flushed twice a year. Notices appear in local newspapers and on the public
information channel on the cable station.,


land ordinances

Zoning Ordinance (as of 2010 Version) Text Version

Zoning Map (JPEG picture only)

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance  Text Version

Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance  Text Version

Wellhead Protection Ordinance  Text Version

Borough Storm Water Ordinance  Text Version


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Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance



other ordinances

Burn Ordinance  Text Version

Animal Noise Control Ordinance  Text Version

Loose Animal Ordinance  Text Version

Shrewsbury Borough Curfew Ordinance  Text Version

Shrewsbury Borough Nuisance Ordinance  Text Version

Ordinance no. 2006-02 "Fireworks"  Text Version

Solicitation Ordinance  Text Version