REGULAR MEETING                                                                               February 24, 2016


MEMBERS PRESENT:  John Hoover, Herbert Baker, Dennis Wertz,Ted Nadobny and Ronald




OTHERS PRESENT:   Brian L. Sweitzer, Supt. of Public Works; Jeffrey L. Rehmeyer, II, Esq.

and David Lipinski, P.E.; Wayne and Cathy Rehmeyer; Phil Robinson; Nikolay Ratajczak; Charles Nass; Richard Buchanan, Shrewsbury Borough Council; Jim Hill


A regular meeting of the Municipal Authority convened at 7:01 p.m. at the Shrewsbury Borough Municipal Building, 35 West Railroad Avenue, with Chairman Nadobny presiding.


An executive session was called at 7:02 p.m. for the purposes of discussing threatened litigation. The meeting was reconvened at 7:32 p.m.




D. Wertz stated there is a typo on page 3 and is shown as E. Wertz instead of D. Wertz

H. Baker moved to approve the minutes of the December 16, 2015, meeting with the correction.

D. Wertz seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.




Wayne Rehmeyer, of 359 Strawberry Road, was present regarding running a sewer line to a half acre lot he has for sale for which he has a Township EDU.  The sewer main is 275 feet from his property and 2,000 feet from his house.  Mr. Rehmeyer stated he will run an eight inch main as there is additional land that is zoned for residential development.  Mr. Rehmeyer was told he might want to check with Shrewsbury Township about purchasing sewer EDUs if he was seeking additional capacity, and he stated he will let the next property owner worry about that issue.  Mr. Rehmeyer was told to bring the paperwork to the office and a sewer permit will be issued for the half acre lot that’s for sale and has a Township EDU.


Phil Robinson stated he was on the agenda to ask the Authority to review the packet he dropped off for each Authority member a couple of weeks ago.  He stated he views the Authority as his utility and asked for help in getting additional capacity for him and others in the gray area to use to develop.


Sol. Rehmeyer stated the Authority has never had capacity to sell.  He explained that the Authority handles the operational issues for the customers that it serves and issues permits for properties that have EDUs purchased through Shrewsbury Township.  Phil stated the Authority should do another study and increase the cost of the tapping fee (he stated it was $700.00) to raise funds to fix infiltration problems and should initiate discussion in order to get more capacity for those in the gray area who want to develop.


Sol. Rehmeyer noted that Phil has stated he is prepared to sue the Authority in his recent letter to the Authority.  Again, Sol. Rehmeyer stated the Authority does not, and never did, have any capacity to sell.




D. Wertz moved to approve the December and January expenditures and report of accounts.

J. Hoover seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.




Capacity Study and Purchase of Flow Meters


Two flow meters were installed on October 20 by FloWAV as a pilot study to see how they function and whether the Authority/Borough want to purchase the meters.  Eng. Lipinski arranged for a free demonstration of the ISCO meter and it was installed on January 20 and was removed on February 22.  Teledyne demonstrated the data results on February 19.  Supt. Sweitzer said the FloWAV meter is easier to move from point to point and is easy to set up.  This meter can monitor a “Y” line situation as well and is less expensive.  This was discussed previously and the choice was deferred to Supt. Sweitzer and Chairman Nadobny, who were preferencing the FloWAV meters.


R. Rohrbaugh moved to authorize the purchase of two in-line meters from FloWAV based on the quote dated September 18, 2015, which is part of the Co-Stars contract.

D. Wertz seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.


Stewartstown Railroad/Omega Rail Service


Sol. Rehmeyer has repeatedly requested of Omega Rail Service how it determines the cost for the yearly rental, and other information, which requests remains unanswered.  


Southern Farms Phase 2 Sewer Lining


The Authority and the Borough had approved the third and final payment but after viewing the videos, it was discovered that some of the laterals were missing or the video is poor.  The lining was stopped six to 18 inches short of the transition.  Video Pipe Services was in town on February 15 and 16 to finish the work after being snowed out two times.  Rather than wait on the video, the Public Works Department chose to televise the final work, which is satisfactory.  Eng. Lipinski stated the balance of $31,006.00 plus the cost per LF for the final work, which was part of the contract, can be paid.


J. Hoover moved to pay the Authority’s share of the remaining balance of $31,006.00 plus its share of the LF based on the contract, per review by Eng. Lipinski and Supt. Sweitzer.

R. Rohrbaugh seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.


1988 Windy Hill Road


The lane was disturbed during the work in Tolna at the end of 2014.  The Public Works Department placed stones in the lane at this location but the homeowner said it has settled and would like crusher run put in.  Supt. Sweitzer stated the cost of the stone is $300.00 plus a small amount of labor.  There was discussion whether it should be done again as the homeowner was satisfied previously and would this set a precedent.


R. Rohrbaugh moved that the crusher run be put in place at a cost not to exceed $300.00.

J. Hoover seconded.  The motion carried with one opposition, Herbert Baker.


Lutheran Home Sewer Main


We are still waiting for DEP and the US Army Corps of Engineers to determine if the wetlands we have to cross are jurisdictional after which it will be determined how to proceed and what permits are required.


Planning Module Sewer Availability Letter Heathcote Glen II Phase 4 – Now Known as Heathcote Glen III


This is a subdivision of the property at 570 Calhoun Road where the existing home was connected to the sewer in 2007.  Two additional lots were created using Township EDUs and a letter dated February 2, 2016, from Shrewsbury Township confirms that there are two Township EDUs assigned to these two lots.  The New Freedom Treatment Plant has issued a letter that capacity is available for the two connections.  Eng. Lipinski’s office will submit the planning module to DEP for approval.


Deer Creek Pump Station Wet Well Expansion


Council put this project back on track and Eng. Lipinski is asking for approval for the Chairman to sign the DEP permit application and for approval to re-activate the project.


J. Hoover moved that the project be re-activated and to authorize Chairman Nadobny to sign the DEP permit application and that the permit fee be authorized up to $500.00.

D. Wertz seconded.   The motion carried with all in favor.


DEP Chapter 94 Report


Supt. Sweitzer has reviewed the Shrewsbury Borough/Authority information for inclusion into the New Freedom WWTP Chapter 94 report which Eng. Lipinski’s office will finalize and send the information to New Freedom Borough.


Essex Circle Sewer and Street Repairs


J. Hoover moved that this project be put out for bids as soon as possible.

D. Wertz seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.


Audit Engagement Letter


J. Hoover moved that the Chairman be authorized to sign the audit engagement letter submitted from Baker Tilly to perform the 2015 audit.

H. Baker seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.


Gray Service Area


Councilman Buchanan asked Eng. Lipinski to compare the gray service area with the original area as to what Phil Robinson submitted with his packet.


Re-organization of Authority



R. Rohrbaugh moved that the officers remain the same for 2016 and also that Jeffrey L. Rehmeyer, II, (CGA Law Firm) be re-appointed as the Authority’s Solicitor and, further, that David Lipinski (James R. Holley & Assoc.) be re-appointed as the Authority’s Engineer.


          Chairman                       Ted Nadobny

          Vice Chairman               Dennis Wertz

          Secretary                        Ronald Rohrbaugh

          Treasurer                        John Hoover

          Asst. Sec./Treasurer        Herbert Baker


H. Baker seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.




D. Wertz moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:42 p.m.

R. Rohrbaugh seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.


                                                  Prepared by Cindy L. Bosley, Recording Secretary