REGULAR MEETING                                                                               April 27, 2016


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Herbert Baker, Dennis Wertz,Ted Nadobny, and Ronald




OTHERS PRESENT:   Brian L. Sweitzer, Supt. of Public Works; Jeffrey L. Rehmeyer, II, Esq.

and David Lipinski, P.E.; Phil Robinson


A regular meeting of the Municipal Authority convened at 7:03 p.m. at the Shrewsbury Borough Municipal Building, 35 West Railroad Avenue, with Chairman Nadobny presiding.




H. Baker moved to approve the minutes of the February 24, 2016, meeting.

D. Wertz seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.






D. Wertz moved to approve the February and March expenditures and report of accounts.

H. Baker seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.




Capacity Study and Purchase of Flow Meters


Two flow meters were ordered from FloWav, Inc. in the amount of $14,595.00 through the Co-Stars program.


Stewartstown Railroad/Omega Rail Service


Another past due notice for the crossing in Tolna was received.  The original cost was $222.00 a year which suddenly went to $1,200.00 with no explanation.  Omega Rail also wants to charge processing and licensing fees for other crossings.  Sol. Rehmeyer has repeatedly requested of Omega Rail Service how it determines the cost for the yearly rental, and other information, which requests remain unanswered.  There may be an opportunity to discuss this with the Stewartstown Railroad as they have expressed an interest in renovating the old train station.




295 East Tolna Road Subdivision (Whitesell)


The plan is to create four additional lots using Township EDUs.  The existing home will remain.  Eng. Lipinski had numerous comments regarding the sewer extension and connections. 


R. Rohrbaugh moved to authorize the Chairman to sign the adequate capacity letter and to authorize the processing of the planning module for the sewer extension and that Eng. Lipinski’s comments be addressed.

D. Wertz seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.  The Authority felt being co-named on the surety given to the Township is sufficient for the sewer improvements.


Strassburg Circle Sewer Main Replacement


Bids were received as follows:


          Clear View Excavation             $92,525.00

          Follmer Excavating                  $94,475.00

          DeTraglia Excavating               $98,620.00


H. Baker moved to award the bid to Clear View Excavation in the amount of $92,525.00 pending receipt and review of the necessary documents.

R. Rohrbaugh seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.  This is entirely an Authority project as no Borough flows go through this area.




Lutheran Home Sewer Main


We are still waiting for DEP and the US Army Corps of Engineers to determine if the wetlands we have to cross are jurisdictional after which it will be determined how to proceed and what permits are required.


Deer Creek Pump Station Wet Well Expansion


The DEP permit application was submitted and questions/comments were received back from DEP.  Eng. Lipinski’s office is in the process of addressing the comments.


Essex Circle Drive Sewer and Street Repairs


The bid documents are complete and bids will be opened on May 10.


Proportionate Share Report


Eng. Lipinski was directed by Council to forward his questions and comments to New Freedom Borough for the 2015 Report.




D. Wertz moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m.

H. Baker seconded.  The motion carried with all in favor.


                                                  Prepared by Cindy L. Bosley, Recording Secretary